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Second APE Makeover on a Google+ HOA Feb. 13th

Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch, co-authors of APE, held their first Google+ hangout on air (HOA) recently and helped five self-publishing authors with their projects. It was a huge success and they’ve decided to host another event to help other APEs learn how to publish a book.

Here are the details:

1. Three writers from the APE Google+ will be selected for a one hour HOA with Guy, Shawn and Peg Fitzpatrick.

2. You must be available on Wednesday, February 13th at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST.

Items to be critiqued:

1. Book title/subtitle

2. Book cover

3. Book description

4. Amazon presence and book if available

4. Social media presence

Our goal is to help three APE self-publishers with their works in progress or completed self-published books. Writers can get stuck in many places in the Author, Publisher, and Entrepreneurial stages and we’re going to help them over those bumps. If you are interested in being selected for this HOA book critique, please leave a comment below. We’ll select the three writers over the weekend and announce them in the APE community.

This process proved to be helpful for our last five writers as well as other people that watched the HOA live and afterwards.

The APE team, Guy, Shawn and Peg, will be holding events each week, rotating between Google+ HOA and Twitter chats, to help as many writers as we can with their questions about the APE process. APE has grown from being a book to a community and now globally attended social media sessions helping writers in the U.S., Australia, Italy, and Spain.

We look forward to this upcoming event and hope that you can join us! Again, if you’re interested in being selected for this APE makeover, please leave a comment below with some information about your book. (deadline February 10th at 5 pm EST to be considered for this makeover)

UPDATE: Betsy Talbot, Eric Ralph and L.A. Johannesson were chosen for this week’s APE makeover.

Watch the video here: Ape the Book on YouTube

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  1. betsytalbot responded:

    Hi guys. Thanks for the opportunity! Our book is called Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers, and it details the plan we used to remake our lives at 40 to chase our biggest dream (for us, world travel). We learned how to amass a great deal of cash, recruit support from friends and family, and get our heads around this big change to our life and relationship. 
    The book has been out as an ebook since 2011, but we are actually launching the second edition (ebook and print) on Friday, Feb 15 – maybe a critique at this point is just asking for trouble! :) If you choose us, I’ll give you access to the not-yet-published info with the new cover and sales page info.
    Our website is and this is our third self-published book (aided greatly even as self-publishing veterans with APE – thank you!)

    • Congrats Betsy! You’ve been chosen for our APE makeover this week.

    • Betsy and Warren,

      Huge congrats!! Looking forward to your updated eBook! Be sure to tell us how you handled publishing an updated version to Kindle. I think i might have the original Kindle edition already – ?

  2. ericmralph responded:

    God Said Have a V8 is a humorous, satirical novel that I am on pace to publish by the end of April. I’ve gotten some feedback, which has been generally positive. In the story, God falls in love with Sally and plans to get married. As a result, he retires and moves to Jamaica (where all gods retire to). He fails to invite the Archbishop of Canterbury to the wedding and in response the Archbishop decides to send a team of secret agents led by Rasputin to ruin the wedding. Meanwhile, Chuck, the new god, fails to file his paperwork on time, endangering all of humanity. It falls to Thor and former accountant Frank to stop Rasputin’s team, protect Pat Sajak, and save humanity from the wrath brought down by Chuck’s unfiled reports.

  3. LAJohannesson responded:

    Given it will be the day before Valentine’s Day there and it will actually be Valentine’s Day here in Sydney, I think it would be awesome for you to share the love and include ‘eloves me, eloves me not’, a novel by LA Johannesson in this APE makeover.
    I have independently published this contemporary comedy. It’s  romantic fiction with a geeky twist – the story follows one woman’s roller coaster ride as she turns to technology to find love by trying online dating for the first time.
    I would love to get feedback, ideas, suggestions from this esteemed panel. I was really impressed at the variety of input provided in the last makeover session. Between you and me, I’m aiming for “BESTSELLER OR BUST” so any advice I can glean to help get me there would be greatly appreciated.
    So, please show me and my ‘book-baby’ a little love this Valentine’s Day and pick us for the Makeover.
    If you do, I’ll love you forever!
    LA Johannesson
    PS – I have a quality microphone and headphones :-)
    PPS – Ive been recommending your book every chance I get!

    • Hi LA,

      Get your microphone ready for Wednesday, you’ve been selected for this week’s makeover.


  4. rickwatsonwriter responded:

    Hey Y’all, I’d love to be considered for a makeover.

    • Hello Rick,

      You’ve been selected for the NEXT Makeover with a tentative date of 2/27 at 9 pm EST.
      More details in the community.


  5. I just saw this creative, generous offer. I’d love to have you all consider my book. Please consider my book, if not for this makeover, then for your next one. Why not have a next one, eh, for those of us who didn’t make the cut here but who still pique your interest. Win-win-win-win…

    My book is “Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (And Everything You Build from Them”). Guy already has a PDF of the advance reading copy. Release date is April 27. The website is Lots more details where those came from.

  6. Hello Marcia,

    You’ve been selected for the NEXT Makeover with a tentative date of 2/27 at 9 pm EST.
    More details in the community.


  7. I’m not there just yet (no real social media presence today until I start that process as no book has been published until 4/2013 ) Nor have I not done a book description ( where exactly do I put that description? On my website?).

    But I’ll be back! Make no mistake about this. Thanks.

  8. [...] The next APE event will be a Google+ HOA February 13th at 6 pm PST, 9 pm EST. [...]

  9. I made this happen, right? I went to high school with Peggy and mentioned her to Warren and Betsy Talbot a while ago. I’m taking full credit. Even if it’s now how it all turned out, I’m totally taking credit.

  10. Eric … I want to read your book. I was playing with tag lines during the HOA …

    said …

    God … a girl … a Jamaican wedding … an offended Archibishop … and a rollicking race to save humanity and Pat Sajak.

    On the title page, I think GOD should be even bigger and “said” should be lower case. Best wishes!!!