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Author interview with Erika Napoletano

Have you met Erika Napoletano? She’s a pistol! She joined the APE team (Guy Kawasaki, Shawn Welch and Peg Fitzpatrick) for a Google+ hangout on Tuesday, June 18th and it was great fun.


Erika Napoletano is a snarky brand strategist, author, and columnist, hailed by Forbes as a “spinless spin doctor” for her BS-free perspectives on business, marketing, branding, and life in general. She’s a twice-published author, including The Power of Unpopular (Wiley 2012), a columnist for both Entrepreneur Magazine and American Express OPEN Forum, an acclaimed speaker from TEDx Boulder 2012, and speaks at conferences across the U.S. on the inherent power of truth in business… or as she refers to it, the power of unpopularity. She lives in the greater Denver/Boulder area and is the Head Redhead at RHW Media, Inc., a brand strategy firm that helps businesses get UNstuck and over those annoying problems that keep them from being awesome. Lactose-intolerant yet a lover of banana milkshakes, you can learn more about her at

This event is rated E for Erika, there is some swearing. Just wanted to let you know. .

You can check out her book The Power of Unpopular, super popular blog or watch her TEDx talk also. Erika will also be a guest on Peg’s Twitter chat #MyBookClub on September 9th and we’ll talk about her book in more detail.

Rethinking Unpopular #TEDx

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