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Meet Halley Suitt Tucker (@Halley)

The video above is Halley Suitt Tucker who will soon be releasing her first novel, Founders Less Than Three.

less than three

From Halley:

Founders Less Than Three is a funny, sexy novel about 10 start-ups with 5 CEO girls, 5 CEO guys and their race for funding and fun.


There are just not enough entrepreneurs starting companies and creating jobs.  Especially women entrepreneurs.   I want to change that.

Founders Less Than Three is a funny, sexy novel about a Boston-based accelerator where 5 female founders and 5 male founders and their teams fight it out to make their start-up company the next big thing.  It’s a book with solid entrepreneurial advice, adventures, laughs, love and all the twists and turns starting a business involves, as they race towards their demo day, when the teams show off their start-up ideas and see who gets the best deal.

I’m a writer, a blogger, an entrepreneur and I’ve been the CEO of a start-up company in Boston.  I loved hiring people and handing out paychecks.  I love the culture of “try anything, try everything …  now, try again.”

I especially want more women to become entrepreneurs because I think they are well suited to the unpredictable path a new business usually takes.  We need lots more women founding companies and creating lots of new jobs.  Of course, I want my book to inspire female and male entrepreneurs alike and make them all say, “I can do that!”

You can find Halley on Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as her website.

I hope you enjoy the Google+ hangout with Halley, Guy Kawasaki, Shawn Welch, and I. It was a fun one. We wish Halley much luck on her book launch!

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