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Google+ interview with Leigh Haber

This hangout is being rescheduled and the date will be updated when we have it.
We’re looking forward to having Leigh Haber as our special guest for a Google+ hangout. Leigh is the new book editor for O Magazine working closely with Oprah on book selections for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 and O Magazine.

Leigh has been a publicist, an editor, an editorial director, and is most certainly a reader.leigh

From Media Bistro, “Haber was most recently editor-at-large at Chronicle Books and consultant to the publishing-on-demand platform Blurb. She has held editorial roles at Scribner, Hyperion, and Rodale, acquiring and editing numerous New York Times bestsellers, including Al Gore’s iconic book on climate change, An Inconvenient Truth and the critically acclaimed novella by Steve Martin, Shopgirl.”

We met Leigh at Book Expo America this year where she interviewed Guy Kawasaki and Amy Tan on two separate panels. Here is the video from Leigh’s chat with Amy Tan.

Here is Leigh’s summer reading book for 2013: Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler and an interview that Leigh did with former vice president Al Gore for his book The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. Leigh edited An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore when she was with Rodale.

In an interview with Dana Roc, Leigh said. “Publishing is a tough business. You watch a lot of people come and go. You watch people as they age and sometimes start to seem irrelevant because people are always looking for knew ideas and they think that the new blood is going to deliver those ideas. Staying with your ear to the ground and staying relevant is a real challenge in our business.

As much as I enjoyed working on books by Steve Martin, for example, or Alice Walker or Gloria Naylor or Peter Jennings or Lori Garrett, who is now on the council of foreign relations and is one of the leading proponents of public health in the country, as much as I enjoyed working on a variety of books, book publishing started to feel a little bit — not relevant enough and not activist enough in the context of what started to happen politically. I started to wonder about being part of the literary community and spending a lot of time going to various functions that are very industry oriented, and really being so consumed by our business. Had it become something, for me that was looking too inward like naval gazing?”

We’ll have plenty to talk about with Leigh with her extensive background in the publishing world and experience in the literary world. You won’t want to miss this hangout!


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