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How APE has helped writers with their self-published books

Since the launch communities on Google+ we’ve had a community for APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book. We chose to make this a private community but it’s open to all who request to join and have a few guidelines to follow to maintain the integrity of the group. Within this group, we’ve discussed too many book projects and authors to mention them all but here are a few from authors we’ve worked with and what they had to say about APE.

From Roland Byrd “I used APE the book to help me rewrite and reformat my book, The Pi of Life: Essential Truths for Creating Happiness, Wholeness, & Success. During the process I discovered just how much I didn’t know about self-publishing. APE helped me learn how to properly format my book, how to create a killer sales page, and how to cope with the many challenges of self-publishing.

If you’ve written a book, if you’re even thinking about writing a book, APE is a must for your library!

From Gail Lawley, “APE helped me with my book, It’s Your Move: Choice for Senior Living, by getting more twitter followers and reviews.”

Rick Watson, author of Life Happens, said “This book had a lot of great information to help writers navigate the process of writing, designing, formatting, publishing, and promoting books. Most of the books I’ve read focus on specific aspects of the writing/publishing experience, but none broached all the
subjects together.

I have written two books, but I had a gap in my understanding of how to distribute and market my work. APE has the information I needed. I created a to-do list as I read the book to help make my work as successful (and professional) as possible. I’m glad I bought it.”

From Marcia Riefer Johnston, author of Word Up!, “Got a book in you, pounding its chest to be written? Get Guy Kawasaki’s latest book, coauthored with Shawn Welch. As an author on the verg of publishing my own first book, I found myself nodding with agreement with “APE” page after page. Kawasaki and Welch know what they’re talking about, and they share this knowledge in a clear, friendly, inspiring way.”

If you’re a writer, please join our Google+ community and if you need some help to get started with your book, we hope you’ll grab a copy of APE. We’d love to hear how it helps you too!

Want to read a few more reviews? There are 533 to date with 437 five star reviews.

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