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Be the Monkey author Barry Eisler goes APE

G+ event with Barry

Barry Eisler will be joining us for a Google+ hangout. Barry has a very interesting past and exciting career. He fits right into our APE author series with his book Be the Monkey: A Conversation about the New World of Publishing and is breaking ground for self-publishers by breaking free from traditional publishers.

From an interview by Jason Pinter with Barry for The Daily Beast You’ve been pretty outspoken about some of the mistakes your publishers, and publishers in general, have made when it came to marketing your books. How much was creative control over both your books, and how they enter the marketplace, a factor in your decision to self-publish?

It was a very big factor for me, and maybe one that hasn’t been adequately understood in some of the public discussion of my decision. As I’ve said, financially I think it makes sense to take the long term into account, and I’m confident I can do better financially over the long term on my own. And if I don’t need the advance today, why take it if I believe it’ll cost me money tomorrow?

If The Detachment does as well as I expect it to, and my subsequent books and shorts follow suit, it’s hard for me to imagine what could bring me back to legacy publishing.

But it’s not just the destination that matters to me; it’s also important that I enjoy the trip. And ceding creative control over packaging, not to mention control over key decisions like pricing and timing, has never been comfortable for me. It might be okay if I thought my publishers were making all the right decisions, but when your publisher is doing something you think is stupid and that’s costing you money—something like, say, saddling your book with a  closeup of an olive green garage door, or writing a bio that treats your date and place of birth as a key selling point, or misunderstanding the concepts of  automatic resonance and  acquired resonance, or otherwise blowing the book’s packaging—it can be pretty maddening (at least it can be for me).

Guaranteed to be a great hangout, join us on August 29th at 4:00 pm PT/7:00 pm ET.

RVSP for the Google+ hangout here.

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