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Author interview with +Barry Eisler 

Author interview with +Barry Eisler  I recently had the honor of hosting one of my favorite authors on a Google+ Hangout. Barry Eisler is a New York Times bestselling author who has embraced self-publishing. Barry is boldly leading the way for authors who want to take control of their book and publishing process. Here is […]

Using Google+ to Build a Platform Hangout on Air with Sarah Evans and Guy Kawasaki

Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist at Tracky, will be hosting Guy Kawasaki, author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish A Book,  today for Google+ hangout on air. A self-described “social media freak,” Sarah initiated and moderates #journchat, the weekly live chat between PR professionals, journalists and bloggers on the microblogging platform, Twitter. She shares her […]

APE Makeover with Guy and Shawn

The authors of APE, Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch, thought it would be great to personally help five writers in the APE community on Google+ that have read APE and are working through their own self-publishing projects. After an announcement of the five writers on a Twitter chat, they hosted a hangout on air (HOA) on […]